Long time no nothin

Hey there, cake lovers!

To quote the great movie Dances With Wolves “Now I bet you were wonderin, why don’t he write?”  In my case, it’s she, but did anyone wonder?  Anybody google obits for cake ladies?

I’m still alive and kickin and makin lots of cakes, in fact!  I just haven’t been adding them to this blog.  The fact is, blogging takes time and I’m blessed with three kids, a cute husband,  and a full cake schedule.  About a year ago, I realized it made a lot more sense to post my pictures on my Facebook page instead.  It’s quick, easy, and gets the job done.

Check it out here if you like!


So, sorry this won’t be updated much.  Always feel free to email me or message my via my Facebook page.

It was good catchin’ up with ya!



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