Denim, denim, denim (to the tune of Super Mario Bros)

Here’s a trick that will shock you to see how easy it is.  You will want to do this to your next ten cakes because it looks so fun!  This is how to make your cake look like denim.   First,  ice your cake in a medium blue and scrape smooth.

Denim Technique3

Then, place it in the freezer until your icing is firm to the touch.  For my freezer, it took about 10 minutes.  This is a good time to heat up your coffee for the fourth time that morning.

(I can’t be the only one that does that, right?)

Then, mix a small amount of a much darker shade of blue.  I even put in a drop of black to dull the blue a bit.  When colors for things like this are too bright, they look fake.  Then take a new paper towel and fold into fourths.  Dip the towel into the dark blue to pick up a little bit of icing.  Lightly blot the cake with the darker color.

Denim technique2

Don’t put on too much or it will not look even.  I will refold my paper towel several times to not let it get too heavy with icing.  I also like to start on the top and work my way down.  Don’t neglect the edge of your cake!  You want it to look continuous.

Denim technique1

Keep doing this all over the cake until it is completely covered.  I then get a new towel and go over the entire cake to again make sure it is even and not too heavy.

Cowboy Birthday with denim

Voila!  Denim!  Add a belt and saddle up, pard-ner!  Did I not tell you how easy this is?  Now, call all your friends you do cakes for and ask them to come up with a need for a denim look cake.  You know you are DYING to try this.  Happy decorating!

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