Half n Half is twice as nice!

Hello! This past week of launching my business has been amazing! Within 24 hours, my Facebook page had over 300 likes!   That’s a lot of people I’m gonna get to make cakes for, ya’ll.   Whoo hoo!
Last week I had two cakes.   The first was a birthday/congrats cake.   This family was celebrating three birthdays and an ordainment.   Whoa!   That’s a lot to celebrate! In order to please all the people coming, they wanted a half chocolate, half white cake.   Now, most people would have to buy some sort of batter divider to pull that off, but not this girl  . You may say, “Whoa, she’s got mad skills!”   Wrong.   I am lazy.   Who wants another item to wash by hand?!  Not me, my friends.   Now, get your pen and paper out.   I’m about to tell you the supplies you will need in addition to your pan and batter. Are you ready?   A towel.   You will need a towel.   Ok, truth be told, a folded towel.   That’s all folks.   Place a folded towel under one side of your pan of any shape or size under one side of your pan to tilt it.   Pour your first flavor into the lower side.  Then when you add the second flavor, slip it out right as you start pouring.  You will be shocked at how well this works and how easy it is.   For reals, ya’ll. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy.
Tilted pan
Poured in pan

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