That is my bag, baby!

I have mentioned before that I tend to be a bit lazy about how many tiny tips and tools I have to wash each week.  Also, disposable bags (especially as many as I use each week) can be expensive!  Parchment triangles can be bought from most bakery supply sites and stores.  They make an easy,  inexpensive disposable bag.  I usually sit down and make 20-30 at a time to have on hand.  Here’s how you do it.

Lay your triangle out in front of you, with the longest side along the bottom.

Bag how to

Then, holding the top point, twist one of the lower points up to the top.

Bag how to 1

Then do the same with the other side.  Pull them tightly so the closed point of the bag is a super fine tip.

Bag how to 2

Then, place a piece of tape around the tip of the bag.  This will help strengthen where it is cut open for a better opening.

Bag how to 3

Next, place a piece of tape along the seam of the bag to keep it securely closed.  Lastly, Fold over the top edges where all the points come together.  This will also help keep the bag together.  I then place a piece of tape along that folded edge to keep it in place.

Bag how to 4

There you have it!  A parchment piping bag that’s easy to customize.

Bag how to 5

For most of my piping, I can just cut a small opening on these bags and use them as they are.  You can also drop in a tip if you need a shell border or a rose, etc.  You can even cut the tip into a V and make it into a leaf bag without using a tip!  If you are just using them to pipe on images or design, cut the triangles in half to create smaller bags.  I only use full size triangles to make bags if I am using them to ice cupcakes or fill in large areas.  That will stretch your parchment even farther!

Happy piping, everyone!

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