Carefee, carefee (in your best Gus Gus from Cinderella voice)

This tip o the week is one of the easiest/fancy looking.  You can all write me thank you notes after you’ve done your first one and everyone ooohs and aaaahs at the mere sight of it’s beauty.  Covering a cake in sugar looks amazing and takes very little time and effort.  You can get sanding sugars in a rainbow of colors.  When it’s for a girl, I even like to mix in some Disco Luster Dust to really add sparkle.

Ice and smooth your cake like normal.  Place it in your freezer until the icing is firm to the touch.  Place a generous amount of sanding sugar in a bowl larger than the diameter of the cake.  Hold the cake from beneath, steadying it with your fingers.

Applying Sugar 1

Then, while holding the cake at a slight angle over the bowl, gently pat a handful of sugar up the side of the cake, starting at the bottom.

*Same cake, different camera angle…weird color effects.

Applying Sugar 2

Do this all around the cake.  You may have to turn it all the way around a couple times, repeating the process, the get the sugar evenly applied.  Then you will just need to brush the extra off the board back into your bowl.  If it is taking long enough that the icing starts to get soft, place it back in the freezer or you will start leaving hand and finger indents in the cake.

Here is the finished product.  I forgot to get a picture of it before it was picked up, so the mom was nice enough to send me this.  She even added a new Barbie for her daughter to the middle.  What a fun mom!

Barbie Pink Sugared Cake

So now go wow your friends with this new trick.  It makes for a beautiful cake!

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