Yipes, stripes!

A really fun technique to use is color striping a cake.  It always looks so great.  A really great stripe to learn with a this Dr. Suess theme.  If you look at the sketches in his books, the lines aren’t perfectly straight and clean.  Let me show you how to add color in a fun way to your cake!

Start with a cake iced in your base color.  Place it in the freezer until the cake is firm to the touch.

Striped colors 5

For this design, the stripe color is also the top color for the cake, so I started there.  I placed the color in the middle first, gradually pushing towards to outer edge of the cake and eventually over the edge.

Striped colors 4

Then, pipe on your stripe color.  It doesn’t need to be very thick if it’s a darker color than the base color.  I intentionally made the lines imperfect to mimic the look of Dr. Suess.

Striped colors 1

Striped Colors 2

After drawing on all of your stripes, use a plastic scraper to smooth all the stripes onto the cake.  You will have to clean off your scraper often to make sure the colors don’t bleed onto each other.

Striped cake 3

Again, these are imperfect on purpose.  If the stripes need to be straight, pipe them slowly and steadily.  You will also have to keep the cake cold by putting it back in the freezer occasionally.

I then added thin black piping along the edges of the red stripes to complete the look.  I LOVE how it turned out!

Cat in the Hat Cake with Smash

Happy striping, everyone!  I hope you have fun with this technique.

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