Time to settle the score

So, I’m not big on sheet cakes.  Let’s be honest. They aren’t the best way to showcase a beautiful cake design.  But when done well, they are definitely a great option for an easy to cut and serve cake for a large group.

To make it especially easy, sometimes they are scored.  This is a very easy technique.  Let me show ya how…

First, ice the cake and scrape it smooth.

Scoring Cakes 7

Then, using a CLEAN yard stick (I have one specifically for cakes.  Let’s not get grody, people) make a small hash mark every two inches of each cake edge.

Scoring Cakes 9

Then, gently roll your yardstick across the hash marks.  Make sure the yardstick touches the icing as it rolls across the surface.  It will ever so slightly pick up a line of icing off the cake.

Scoring Cakes 11

Scoring Cakes 6

That’s all there is to it!

Scoring Cakes 3

Now you can fill in each square with the decor of your choosing.  For this one, it was fondant music notes and butter cream rosebuds.

Scoring Cakes 4

Whoops,  missed a spot.

Music Note Sheet Cake

There, that’s better.

Happy Decorating, friends.